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Pet Glamour Shots 

This started out as me amusing myself by making one of those cheesy pet glamour shots for my dog Pebbles and myself  (first pic in the gallery).  You know the ones –  if you don't, just put "Cheesy pet glamour shots" into Google and see what comes up.  Usually some version of a Sears Portrait Studio portrait with a blurred out second image of the person with their dog or cat, and maybe a Star Wars theme or something equally hilarious or depressing, depending on your perspective.

So it turned out a lot of people thought these were great, and asked to be abused by my sense of humor, and these were some of my inspirational interpretations of the pictures they sent me.

If you would like your very own Cheesy Pet Portrait, scroll on down to the bottom of the gallery and purchase one!  They're $35 for a high-resolution pdf image which you are more than welcome to print and frame, put on a t-shirt, coffee mug, greeting card or start your own religion with it and pass out bumper stickers!  I still co-own the rights, so I can use it to promote my work, but you can also use it to promote your new religion or run for office, or whatever .  The best part is, $5 of every purchase will go to a local animal shelter or rescue to help feed, shelter and pay for medical services for these wonderful little fur babies ♥  So scroll down and get yourself some extra cheese to commemorate the beautiful and maybe even weird love you share with your pet!  Makes a great pet adoption announcement or Christmas card!

After you've paid for your order, send me an email with either one or two pics:  One full body shot of your pet, and one of you or whomever you like, holding your pet.  If you prefer to only have your pet, just send the pic of the pet. You may also send me a few pics and have me choose.  If you have any other preferences, such as backgrounds or settings, put them in the email, otherwise it will be left up to my devious imagination and creativity as to what I choose to do with you and your pet...which will lead to something that I find hilarious. You will get the best results if you send me high quality (not blurry and tiny) pics, preferably with a contrasting and/or solid background.  Also, let me know if this is for a Christmas card or special occasion. You should be able to get great pics with your phone, but make sure your settings are on the highest resolution. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments.

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