"Carol has done work for me over the past 10 years or so. She turned my beige walls into artistic master pieces with faux leather, stone and rustic looking touches throughout my 6800 sq.ft. house. She added accent where needed, like the three fireplaces that would have needed mantels - she transformed them into clean, pop out colors and lines. Each fireplace uniquely embellishes the room that it is in. One of the fireplaces she spent hours on, didn't like it, dug deep for inspiration then went back at it like a mad woman producing the best I've ever seen in faux and trompe L'oeili styles. 
We've also purchased several paintings of Carol's over the years. 
Carol works hard and has a talent that could only come from a super power. I've only met 2 people in my life that have this kind of artistic energy and it is so much bigger than the person themselves. They draw from a place we can only be awestruck by. 
The only possible con I can think of with Carol is that if she doesn't have the inspiration that day - let her go do what she needs to get energized because she will come back and blow your mind. You can't box her in or you won't have the experience that I did.” 

—  Jill Brasga, San Diego, CA


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CNiotta@Gmail.com  |  Tel: 415-691-1765

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